Related my Certificate

It has been more than 5 days i gave my Certification exam but still haven’t received any message or my Certificate from Bolt IOt
Please Help me related this

@nbjamdar As mentioned earlier before taking the test, we require 7 working days to grade your project and send you the certificate.
Please be patient while we grade your project and send it to you.

What if I scored less than 50% then I’ll get Certificate??

Hi, To Get certificate, first you have to go through all the videos and documents. There will be a Exam, in which you have to score more than 50% of the total marks.
This Exam has,
i) Multiple choice questions which carries 70% weightage,
ii) You have to submit the link of your project that have to make on which carries 22% weightage. The project link is mandatory, but the project video is optional and
iii) Paste two links for questions that YOU have answered on . This carries 8% weightage

Hii sir
I recieved my Certificate but there’s small mistake
Instead of my College name there’s my phone number can I get another Certification with modification

@nbjamdar It might be because you entered your phone number instead of your college/institute name.
Please email requesting the change along with your course access code for verification.

Okay sir
I have mailed them immediately about this on they told that I’ll get reply on Monday 7pm