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sir, i just went through the capstone project assignment. And a fridge is needed for it.
Actually i live in a rented room. and I have no fridge. and in my neighborhood there are also college students even they don’t have fridge.
Can you please tell any alternative way to complete this project

Its not necessary to use refrigerator .u can even make a different in room temperature by putting cold or hot objects near the sensors for some time like for 20-30°c.U can make a slight differences in temperature and can even make z-score prediction.
And lastly,This capstone project is basically a self evaluation project which means u need not do it according to requirements mentioned u can improvise and do as u wish!!
Hope this information is helpful for u.:+1::+1:


suppose i do it differently, wont it affect my chances of getting training certificate?

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No,That project is for self evaluation and it not affect your chances of getting training certificate.

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