Remote analog write

how can I remotely send an analog command to ‘A0’ pin of BoltIot module?

You can check this link for your query:

Thanks for your help sir.! But I need to send an analog signal to A0 pin of the module not to the GPIO pins. If you could help me that too, that would be great help.!


Can you please explain the project that you are currently working on?
A0 is one of the GPIO pins. You can read the value of the pin using the analogRead API call. Please refer below documentation.

Greetings Yeshwant sir,
The doc you provided is for analog read sir, but in my project I’m need to analog write the A0 pin.
My project - I am trying to write some value(s) to the pin(A0) by sending a voice command and then will check it in the code, and accordingly I’m going to change the state of other GPOI pins.

As far as I know, We can only use Analog pins to get the analog values (say, from a sensor). analogWrite will work only on the digtal pins ( They support pwm ). Why is that you want to do it on A0 pin?? The digital pins will work just as fine, you can scale (0-255) according to your output voltage requirements.

thank you so much ! I completely forget about this.
Now, I just wrote this analogWrite command -, with my API key and device name.
The expected output is {“success”:“1”,“value”:“245”}.

But instead it is showing - {“value”: “1”, “success”: 1}
and I need to check the value for the code logic which must be a 3-digit number.
Do you tell what’s wrong I’m doing?

Your url seems fine and It should work. Can you share the part of your code, cause I don’t find any mistakes. And check your pin number in the code (if it is matching with your connections). That is the only source of error I could think of.


The output that you are getting is correct. Once you have successfully set a particular value to any of the pins, the API returns message {“value”: “1”, “success”: 1}.

The value in the response does not indicate the value that you have sent to the API on the pin. Do understand the difference between the two.

Yes sir, I understand the difference but it is shown on the documentation page that when one runs that command -
the output would be - {“success”:“1”,“value”:“245”}.

So, I request you to please change the same in the documentation too as it created some sort of confusion and I tried to use this in my project.:slightly_frowning_face:
Nevertheless, once again Thank you so much for help! :blush:


The response that you are referring to is of analogRead and not analogWrite. Please read the documentation of both the commands carefully.