Replacement - BOLT not working

I recently faced an issue with my bolt module. Neither the green light nor the blue light is working, there is a sudden blink of the blue light. Please look forward to this issue.Thank you

Make sure your connection cable(micro USB cable) is not faulty. Check that you are providing a proper current supply to the module. Use a 5v adaptor for the better results.
I hope this will help to solve your problem.

Try connecting your Bolt module to the laptop or PC you are using, so that there is no direct supply of AC and using indirect power is safer for your module.

I have tried all methods I still cant find the solution. I guess something is wrong with the module itself.

I used my 5v adapter and still its not working.


From the behavior of the device, it seems that it is misbehaving.

Can you please send an email to from the email id that you used to purchase the kit?
Make sure that the subject line of the email is “Bolt not working redirected from the forum: Nithin Valiya”

In August I bought the bolt iot board at that time I used it and loaded the plant monitoring program but not took the plant monitoring reading , as my college exams and Viva started so I kept bold module in it’s box now today I took out the board for just checking it , when connected it to latptop USB then it’s not getting ON just when connecting USB little bit led blinks once but not turning on please help

@rayatedarshan Please send a small video showing that the Bolt is malfunctioning to If the device is defective, we will replace it.