Request for a refund for an unshipped kit


My name is Diya Rastogi and I registered for Bolt IoT on 22nd May 2021. I had ordered a kit for IoT and the order number is " #India38203"

When I click on refund, it takes me to a page that tells me to write the exact date when I am going to return the product, but since I haven’t even received it yet, I cannot do it right now.

I really want a refund before it gets shipped, kindly tell me the procedure for the same.

Awaiting a prompt response,
Diya Rastogi

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Please write a detailed mail to regarding this issue.


Boltiot has a policy of 10 day refund.
you get a chance to apply for refund after purchasing it within 10 days and next refund chance is given after your kit is delivered to you ,now within 10 days from date of delivery you can apply for refund