Requests module in Telegram message alert code

how this code code works and what is “params” here?

Params is the parameter of the URL. Also can be easily understood by the term key-value pair. In the URL the parameters are put into a query string, where parameters are its components.

If you look at the send_telegram_message function, data holds the values that works like key and value (chat_id and text - are key).

You can try running the URL with the values by default in your browser and you’ll see the message being sent to the chat_id by the bot_id.

Sample -[BOT_API_KEY]/sendMessage?chat_id=[MY_CHANNEL_NAME]&text=[MY_MESSAGE_TEXT]

For more info what telegram APIs are capable of -

Let me know if you need any more information.

what this “POST” is doing?

POST is used to send data to a server, to create or update a resource.

These are HTTP methods. Like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc

Thank you for clarification

Basically Run/open a URL, and do the HTTP methods.
POST for updating, GET for requesting/gathering.