Reset Bolt hotspot password

I have forgot Bolt hotspot password and i am not able to connect it to my phone or laptop.
when i click on bolt created hotspot , it ask password.
this password was created first time when i plugged in module.
How can i reset bolt hotspot password
i request you to help
Thank you

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It would be of great help if you can share the version of the Bolt Wifi device that you are using.
It will be useful in the subsequent troubleshooting.


Hi, This is Nitika and I’m facing the same issue, if you could help.

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Hi shoeb,
I am also facing same issue, Please provide the solution for same. It will be more helpful as i am stuck in the project.
My device ID is BOLT1350097.
Thank you.

This was a link to a previous query regarding a change in password… Maybe this could help… It’s said you can use the Bolt IoT app… Hope this could help maybe…

Hi already your wifi connected in your phone (or) mobile the router is save a password in case you forgot the password and not connected Wi-Fi step 1 please check the router .
step 2 follow the Bolt IoT doc instructions.
step 3 the common Bolt IoT Wi-Fi password is ( bolt1234 )use it.

am also facing same issue. please let me know.

Have you tried to contact the main members? you can find them in the right section of this forum or you can go through with this and get the basic idea about it.

@sonalpatil2498 @bkkumaris4u You do not have to connect to the hotspot created by the Bolt device as the app does that for you.
Please download the Bolt IoT app from the playstore and proceed to add a new device in the app. Let me know if it works for you.

Sir while doing that steps in the app for adding a device it is telling us to make your wifi on and it will automatically connect to the bolt device
But here it is showing us to enter password and I have no idea what was the password so please help

Hi you got what to do because I’m facing the same problem
If you have resolved your problem please help me out