Reset my bolt hotspot password

Is there any way I could reset the bolt hotspot password? I am unable to connect to it

The SD Card i.e. inserted in Bolt IoT module, connect it to your pc using memory card reader and then there’s a text file named “BS.txt”. Open it there you will find the ssid and password.

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plz can you tell clearly.

There is a text file inside the memory card named BS.txt. Open the file, inside that file you can find your Bolt IoT’s SSID and Password. You can change it and save it. The SSID and Password of your Bolt IoT module will be updated.

where is the memory card??

Oh you’re using the new Bolt IoT module. Can’t say for this module.

@robinroysonsamuel1 You have bolt Iot version 2, so you can not change it’s hotspot password. BoltIot is used to connect your iot device to the bolt cloud so you need to connect it with your home’s wifi network by using the bolt app.