Restarted and now not able to connect

I restarted the device using python. Now the device wont connect back to my wifi. I tried to reconnect from the beginning but my wifi is not showing where they ask me to select a 2.4GHz network. What should I do?


Can you reconnect the device using the mobile app the same way you connected it to the account for the first time?

Also, do share the firmware version of your device.


I know this is an old thread but this happened to me as well so I am sharing a solution that worked for me.

Step 1: Re-plug the module to power.
Step 2: Log in to your Bolt IoT mobile application.
Step 3: Without removing the device, click on add new device on the application and follow through the prompts.
Step 4: Provide the wifi password again.

In my case, after step 4, it shows an error saying no internet connection but after clicking retry it connects.

It could be a bug in either the API or the module that wipes the wifi connection.

Device: ESP8266
Firmware: 1.4.3
Hardware: 2

I read your issues, you can eliminate the issue by proceeding with the steps given below:-

.First, log in to your BOLT Cloud Account and unlink your BOLT device with the project with which it is linked
. Login into the BOLT app on your phone try to log out and again log in, then click on add a device, proceed with the steps shown in the app
.Also make sure wifi (blue) led is blinking
.Then the deivce will be shown on your bolt app, you can then connect it to wifi or your mobile hotspot