Restarting the device project

what it means to restart the device ?does it mean that only the power is off or the information of wifi network we configured previously has also been lost and we have to do the setup again?or does it mean just the link with the wifi network and the bolt cloud is broken and it will be reestablished?

Hi @jain.reechika,

Bolt will not forgot the previous network just by restarting it. When you restart the device, it will try to find the previous configured network.

When you have set your device for data collection and if you restart the device, it will immediately send a new data to the Bolt cloud once it comes online.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

sir in my case when i restarted the device the blue led started blinking slowly and tje green led became off and i have to do the whole setup process again.why so?

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