Results of Bolt IOT Innovative Challenge-2

when will u upload the results of bolt iot innovative challenge-2 ?
I submitted the project on 17/Dec?2020

The deadline was till 31 of Jan. From a post it was found that results will be out by 28th Feb.

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Today is 28th Feb but no results updated yet when will they show?

I think they will be giving it on 30 th Feb :rofl:


Hi @seemasheik5 and @ayanghosh974.
Here is the answer…

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Have you guys received the prize and the certificate for the innovative challenge yet?

Hi @ayanghosh974,

I was on emergency leave from the last two week. I will be looking into the prize distribution and will close it by 14th of May.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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I head that, hope you and your family are now well and praying for your speedy recovery. :heart_decoration:

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