Results of Bolt IOT Innovative Challenge-2

when will u upload the results of bolt iot innovative challenge-2 ?
I submitted the project on 17/Dec?2020

The deadline was till 31 of Jan. From a post it was found that results will be out by 28th Feb.

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Today is 28th Feb but no results updated yet when will they show?

I think they will be giving it on 30 th Feb :rofl:


Hi @seemasheik5 and @ayanghosh974.
Here is the answer…

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Have you guys received the prize and the certificate for the innovative challenge yet?

Hi @ayanghosh974,

I was on emergency leave from the last two week. I will be looking into the prize distribution and will close it by 14th of May.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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I head that, hope you and your family are now well and praying for your speedy recovery. :heart_decoration:

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Any updates still now?

Hi @ayanghosh974 I was not feeling well and was on leave. Started working from yesterday. Will update here soon.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hello sir please distribute the prizes and certificates for participation it’s has been too late…

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Can we know the tentative date?

Hello sir, please provide a tentative date because it’s been almost a month. Also please provide information about the college prizes as nothing was conveyed through the email to the students of the winning college. Thank you.

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@rahul.singh1 any updates sir?

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@rahul.singh1 sir any update ?

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