Return value -999 (already tried available solutions)

HI! I have attached the code images, i think they are alright. I have rechecked my credentials in file, they match too. But i am receiving the following error (please find the image attached below)

Please help me solve this issue!

It should be : conf.bolt_api_key

Actually i have used the variable name bolt_api_id in file.

Since we pass parameter inside of Bolt() as bolt_api_key which is predefined argument
so you cannot change variable name

OK, Sir. Lemme try it out.

Still receiving this error

yellow light blinking right

No sir. The blue and green lights are stable

In the 17th line of it should be: return sensor_value
instead of return -999

please correct it to response

I have changed it to sesnor_value and also corrected the code but same error

In function send_telegram_message , inside of except block 2 lines missing

This one done right please check it

done sir! same error again

In the 17th line of it should be: return sensor_value
instead of return -999

did you check this

yes sir! done.

    if data["success"] != 1:
        print("Request not successfull")
        print("This is the response->", data)
        return -999
    sensor_value = int(data["value"])
    return sensor_value

check the same code properly you have done mistake
It should be like the above one

Please go to your channel info,
there you will get the link like ……
this something… to be used as telegram_chat_id

note: ignore the dots in the second and third lines
i have done it to convert it into text else it will display as a link

please check bot id carefully
also check whether the text has zero(0) or capital O present