If I want to create some robotic device using bolt module then which servo motor should I buy???

Hi @pratapkumarshu21,

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The choice of servo motor for your robotic device depends on various factors, including the specific requirements of your project. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a servo motor - Torque, Speed, Size and Weight, Voltage and Power Supply and Mounting Options.

For student based project application you may use - 12V DC 10 RPM Geared Motor that is also compatible with the Bolt Wifi Module.

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Hi @pratapkumarshu21
For robot projects, choosing a servo motor requires careful consideration of a number of crucial factors to guarantee optimum performance. Start by determining the necessary torque, taking into consideration both static and dynamic torque in accordance with the weight that your robot must move. Examine the speed requirements to ensure that they correspond with the movement speed that your application requires. Take into account the servo motor’s dimensions and weight to make sure it will work with the space limitations on your robot.

For testing purpose, you can use 9g servo motor.
Small in size, n can be easily programmed. Turns only in 180⁰ so can be used very effectively in arms/legs of your bot.!