Same data even after changing conditions

For my 1st project i.e. the plant monitor after deployment I am getting exactly the same data even after changing lighting conditions.

There is also a bug with this page, while uploading any picture or screenshot here, it is throwing an alert message that the request time is different.
So I can’t attach anything here.

@BOLT Team please do fix this.

There might not be extreme changes in the lighting condition.
I tried the same project this morning and had received data that varied from 8 to 9 and vice versa I guess LDR might just notice the extreme changes in the lighting condition.
This is regards to my understanding although I might be wrong.

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hi Sahelikantha…even I had encountered with the same problem initially but after changing the lighting conditions largely and took 7 to 8 readings then i observed the changes in the data

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What is the value that you are getting?

We will check the bug that you are facing of not able to upload the pic. Will keep you posted.

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I am only getting 1.02.

Also there is another bug. While replying or creating any topic here on Bolt Forum, the time it’s showing is incorrect.

Like, I am replying just now by typing in a minute and sending but it’s showing 18 mins before I have posted that.

Change the resistor. In the bolt training, they use a 10k ohm (brown black orange) resistor. It is too high a value. Change the resistor to the 330 ohm one provided in the kit (orange orange brown). This is what worked for me


It worked for me, thank you.