Same value is generated by LDR

I am performing project on light monitoring system but my sensor LDR showing same value or constant value -5 throughout in the line graph.

First of all, you must establish connection according to this-
LDR one leg to 5V second leg to A0 pin
a 330 OHM one leg to GND and another to A0.

CODE configuration
And also make sure that in coding section the line ‘plot Chart (“timestamp”, “variable name”);’ should have correct variable name (which you gave in hardware section tab). you can check the variable name given in right side of the page.
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Thanks @v1720g for replying me

Hello,first you should make sure that the connections you have made is corect.After that you try by covering the LED with your hands and then deploy your configuration of your hardware .Try by changing the environment of circuit for example;take it to dark room and note the reading and to a bright room simultaneosly.This may helps to get new readings.Hope this helps.Thanks!.