Sample Device Control View Error

I have ios, and i have completed all the process shown in the training video, my biolt wifi started and all went well it connected and green and blue lights are on and everything is normal, but after the connect when i tried to go to device view or Sample Device Control View, it’s not opening here is an
Error explaining Video.

and due to this i am not able to check led connection.

please assist. ASAP.

Try reinstalling or updating…If you still find the same error, will try to rectify it.

i have tried reinstalling and re-login, nothing worked. :frowning:

Hi @iamsajjadansari,

Apology for the inconvenience, Bolt IoT iOS app is only designed for setting up the device. You can not control any device from an iOS app. You have two options left.

  1. If you have Android device then you can log in in the Bolt IoT app from your android phone.
  2. After setting up the device, you can complete all the experiments from the laptop.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

This wasn’t expected answer!
I thing i have to buy android now.