Save coordinates from Ultrasonic Sensor and Reload

I’m trying to be able to save the coordinates of an ultrasonic sensor(Mounted on a motor moving on a rod).

And also: I want the motor to go back the saved coordinate position when the saved coordinate file is loaded

Hi @Tanmaychauhan76,

It seems like a very unique problem to solve using the Bolt IoT platform.
I might be able to help you get to a solution faster if I get an idea of what you have already tried.
What have you tried so far?

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Thanks for your response. I so far, have tried IOT projects with Blynk and other IOT platforms and have built a few simple projects. I have a 40% course progress here at BOLT and have raised this query as I need your help and support with the coding part for BOLT. @vinayak.joshi

Please help ASAP @vinayak.joshi

Hi @tejasmutalikdesai,

Let me clarify what I asked.
When I said “what have you tried so far?” I meant with respect to the ultrasonic project.

What do you personally believe can be used for this project?

From the face value of the name and description that you have given to us so far, I do not believe you can do this project with just the Bolt WiFi module. But based on what you have tried to get this project running, I will get a better understanding of what exactly you need done.

my problem has been solved…thnx

Hi, it was me who raised the query and my problem is yet to be resolved. Please give it some time