Saving the file using ctr+x

i couldn’t save my file using the key ctr+x…previously it was working.but donno what happened suddenly.whenever i open saved file it shows file has been edited(by root with nano 2.5.3:PID 873)continue?.and it asks y or n.but i couldn’t save edited code again.please help me.

@govindbagdiya22 sorry, i was asking about ubuntu server.ctr+x is not working in ubuntu server

i am sorry, i can not say about ubuntu

Hi @chandu try using ctrl+shift+x

steps- ctrl+X the bottom of the file it will ask you do you want to save the buffer Click ‘y’. will ask you with what filename do you want to save the file Press ‘enter’ if you want to continue with the same file name thats it.
Hope this helps.

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