Says my twillo account is restricted from provisioning new phone numbers

I am not able to get Twillo phone number for the above mentioned issue.

Hi, @f20211078 May be there is need to upgrade the account.
As i can see in screenshot Twillo customer team sent you a mail also , do check the mail then you can know what exactly the issue is with your account.

The thing is that I have provided all this information while creating the account. To confirm this, I created another account providing this information; while creating a new account, the same error still showed up. Could you give the details of what I should do on the updated website rather than the tutorial given in the training; that would be much of a help.

This error means that Twilio Compliance has temporarily restricted your account from provisioning new long code phone numbers.

This restriction may be imposed because of suspicious account activity or behavior that may violate Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy or Messaging Policy.

If you encounter this error, please reach out to or to request to have this restriction lifted from your account. Be sure to include your Twilio Account SID, the name of your business, and a brief explanation of your use case.
And also mention about the already responded mail.