Send string to arduino connected to Bolt IOT Module

I have connected my bolt to arduino. I am looking for a way to send strings to Arduino through Bolt Wifi Module. For Example, I send “Jump” to bolt then bolt is conveying this string to arduino, arduino code has SWITCH CASE, where commands for case “Jump” will get executed. If I use the API request, they get maxed out within seconds. So, I was considering if I could use IP and Port to send the string to bolt.

It will be greatly appreciated if the community could help me solve this issue. Also, please share code if you are giving a solution…Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @ayushsingh425,

You can use the remote api calls to send the string to the Bolt WiFi module. There is no other way to send the string to the Bolt WiFi module.

If you are worried about rate limiting(maxing out) the remote API, it would be best to upgrade your account to Bolt Cloud pro.
You can read more about it via the link below.

Here is a link to a project which is similar to what you are trying to do. Do check it out, and tell us whether it was useful.