Sending data through sms

Hi @vinayak.joshi
How can i send a data in arduino to the boltiot and send the received data by sms to others??
hey i think you can send sms of received data by using the Alerts feature on Bolt Cloud.
You can check out more about it here:

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No @yadu10a2000
I want to get an value from arduino and send that through sms.


To get the dat a from the Arduino, you use use the steps given in the following article.

You can use the alerts feature to get this data and send an alert sms via the feature.

hi @vinayak.joshi
I hereby attach my arduino code which prints gps location when the threshold vibration level increases.
I want to send that location and receive in boltiot ubuntu server so that i can send the location to multiple person through twilio cloud communication application.


Points to note.

  1. You can never initiate a communication from your Arduino side to the Bolt Cloud. The Bolt Cloud architecture does not allow it. Either the Bolt Cloud via a UART product, or the remote API call via a UART control command can poll for this data.
  2. The way the Alerts feature is right now on the Bolt Cloud, you will not be able to use it for your application.
  3. You will have to modify your Arduino code to be able to respond to control commands, which will tell the sender of the command the current GPS location, and whether the vibration has gone above threshold or not.
  4. You will also have to write a python code to be run on a digital ocean droplet to continuously keep making the UART remote API call, so as to get the GPS location and the data on whether the virbration has gonve above the threshold values or not. This same python code will then have to check for the virbration data and send an alert to everyone required if the virbration value has gone beyond the threshold values.
  5. We cannot help you in writing these codes. You need to try to write the codes yourself. We will help you out if you try something and it does not work the way you expect it to work, by telling you why it does not work, and what you could try to make it work the way you want to.
  6. Please go through all the topics given in the following documentation and project links. You may find something useful from there.

Thanks a lot @vinayak.joshi for clarifying the problem
First I’m trying to get the location through arduino, I face a single error in calling the remote API call
I hereby attach the arduino code and python code for the reference

This is my python code

This is the error


Points to note

  1. In the code response = sms.send_sms(“GPS :” + str(mybold.serialWrite())), you have called the serialWrite function without giving it a data parameter the way you have done in respose = mybol.serialWrite(‘getGPSData’). This is why you have the error showing up.
  2. You don’t need to send any parameter when you call serialRead. It is totally optional.
  3. I beleive you will get the result that you want if you change the earlier call for serialWrite with response = sms.send_sms(“GPS :” + str(response)). This is because you would the GPS data as a response to serial write which you called earlier.
  4. Since you have ubuntu installed, I suggest installing this IDE called pycharm. Here is the download link This will help you write the python code and tell you possible errors in your code.

Thanks @vinayak.joshi
I did all these changes and it successfully compiled
When I run the program it says Serialwrite successful but I’m not getting the GPS value
And then i used serialRead function without the paramater it says there should be some parameter inside the function and then i tried like mybolt.serialRead(‘10’) the error is gone
Then i ran the program again i didn’t receive the GPS value
I hereby attach my screenshot for your reference

How can i resolve these??


The code that you have shown does not match the output which is being displayed.

@rahul.singh1will help you figure out why this is happening.


Please type the below command and send me the screenshot of each output.

  1. Type listing command.
sudo cat
sudo python3