Sensitivity of LDR

Can we increase the sensitivity of LDR sensor because the current LDR sensor not working accurately

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using components like external resistors may aid in adjusting the sensitivity of LDR.

Sensitivity of LDR is a parameter which is fixed at the time of manufacturing.
If you use a variable resistor in series with LDR, the sensitivity of the circuit (not the LDR) can be varied, but this also leads to change in the value of current flowing through the LDR.

YES. It can be increased or decreased without external aid. If you are using the ldr sensor module instead of ldr sensor itself like this one.
Then You have the knob at its back which looks like a screw in a blue box.
That has this functionality. I used it long back…so not sure of it completely but you can search on this more. You can also tinker with it directly if you are like me.

yes we can increase the senstivity of LDR using ldr module or modify the module to change resistance connected in circuit.