Server feedback

we have a PHP server and we are sending " "
This type of command from our website and BOLT is responding on it, now what we want is for it to respond back in form of string.

For example if we send " product#1order#1 " to bolt then it should repond " Dispatch#1order#1" Back to our server
If everything is fine


You can use an arduino and make a Serial read (use Condition - if "product#1order#1" ) Serial Write (''Dispatch#1order#1").

Then on the PHP server send a SerialRead function, to get the response. You’ll receive “product#1order#1” on value.

Let me know if you got this, or have anymore queries.

This won’t work, cause we don’t want feedback to be a different ping
Like it should tell us as the process gets completed.


For the kind of function you’re looking for, it doesn’t involve the use of Bolt IoT module. You can make a REST API server to perform these functionalities. With Bolt, the API server will return you with designated responses in the JSON format, that is value/message and status. That is why using Serial Read you can get a programmed response under ‘value’.

In case you want a customized server response, you can ask for the same by writing a mail to

Well we are looking for someway to do it with Bolt itself directly
So if you have something on that please let me know

If not thanks anyway


In that case, I believe you have a misunderstanding with Serial Communication. Serial Communication is meant for communication between 2 devices and not for strings only.

If you need more information on this, let me know. Otherwise, you can use a separate REST API for your PHP server.