Server not found

After connecting wifi module with mobile app and then putting my wifi name and password when i went back to the website to continue my course at it is showing server not found and “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site”
Help me to get back to the course

Just search boltiot in google and re-login if required. Maybe your connection or wifi had an error. Just check your wifi connection.

@iamsajjadansari Can you please send us a screenshot of the issue? It may have been a temporary issue.

Update: the website is working fine now, but at that time when I connected my bolt iot wifi module and performed the guided step it was not working but only on just that router, although when i tried to open the website throught mobile data, it was working. not getting what happend at that time.

@iamsajjadansari Good to hear. It may have a temporary issue for a few minutes.