Servo motor is not running

Sir i have written same api link as given in the docs. I also took subscription for cloud pro. Whenever i run that link it shows value :1 and success :1 but my motor does not rotates.

Hi @pratapprem88,

Can you share your code and image of your servo moter connection ?

Hi @pratapprem88,

Your api url seems fine to me. I have invited to @vinayak.joshi to answer this query. He will reply you here by tomorrow EOD.

Hi @pratapprem88,

Could you share a photo of the circuit connections with us?
A photo of the actual system would also be useful.

Also, remember that the feature only works for RC servo motor compatible motors.

You can read more about it in the following blog

Thank you everyone for your responses. Actually everything was correct, circuit connection and the API link. The problem was in one of the wire. I checked every wire with multimeter and then i came to know that the wire was defaulted. I replaced it with new wire and the motor works fine.

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