setAnimation() in graphs

Can anyone please clarify that what are the significant changes or features that occurs on webpage after usng setAnimation(true). I am not able to identify any difference in my outputs with and without using setAnimation().

Or if there is a specific graph type that may help me understand the effect of using setAnimation(). Please let me know.

Refer this website…If you are writing the case sensitive code just make sure that you have written each and every word properly. The output is not shown properly if you did not write the function name correctly(Otherwise it may be considered as user defined function). Make sure that you write SetAnimation(). “S” and “A” are in uppercases

i see bro but according to documentation given in bolt ‘s’ is in lowercase. Going with uppercase ‘S’ in setAnimation gives error and no output.

Hiii @spriyam095
Write down the following code to implement the same:

plotChart('time_stamp','light');  /*light is the variable name*/

Since it is a line graph that is why you won’t be able to see the effect of ‘animation’ clearly. To see the effect use a bar graph or any other graph for the same.
This function describes how to animate modifications made to a chart, instead of applying them instantly. setAnimation() function supports the following options as parameter- true, false. It is enabled (true) by default and this function should be called before the plotChart() function.

Hope this information is useful for you :+1:

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Hi @spriyam095,

By default the setAnimation is true.
Change the setAnimation(false); to observe the difference.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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hello @rahul.singh1
I didn’t know that setAnimation is by deault true. Thank You for that.

But as per the differences I couldn’t find any between setAnimation(true) & setAnimation(false).
Its same in both cases. I plotted barGraph. And they glew in both cases as I took my cursor over them.