Setting up automatic wifi network selection by BoltIot Module

Hi team,

I have been working on BoltIot module based project along with the course.
My setup of hot-spot is at two different places.
As the first time setup of Bolt module ; I connected it to my mobile phone network , so every-time i need to turn on my mobile phone hot-spot to connect the module.
Now on switching the work-space ; I want the bolt module to connect automatically to the other work-space network.

Currently I am setting up it again & again to switch network.

Please guide me with correct procedure.
Jesal Patel

sorry but I was not looking for this answer !

Hi @jesalpatel.1911,

Use the same wifi name and password and your Bolt device will automatically connect to the your new network. It does not matter whether you are using wifi network of mobile hotspot as long as you are getting the internet connection. (Wifi network 2.4 GHz band)

At home my wifi ssid is HomeWiFi and at my office wifi ssid is WorkWiFi and I want to develop a portable bolt device. So my problem is I want to configure it again and again when I am at home and at office. So is there any such thing as wifi list in bolt so that i can enter both home and office wifi credentials and bolt device can switch between those networks. Both the places have stable internet connectivity.

@jesalpatel.1911 Unfortunately, the Bolt does not yet have the ability to store multiple WiFi configurations. We will keep this in mind when developing the Bolt.

If the WiFi network name and credentials are the same, the Bolt will connect to it irrespective of the location.

@shoeb.ahmed Ah okay !. Thank you.