Setting up Bolt V1 (Not applicable for V2) with an SD Card Reader


If you have facing an issue with setting up the Bolt then this could help:

  1. Switch off your Bolt unit by removing the power supply.

  2. Carefully take out the SD card of Bolt as shown in this link:

  3. Connect the SD card to a micro SD card adaptor. (The SD card adaptors look as shown in this link:

  4. Connect the adaptor to your computer and open the SD card folder.

  5. Open the BS.txt file. (BS stands for Bolt Settings). The file content will look as shown below:


6.Enter the correct SSID and Password ahead of the : ‘colon’. Your file could look as follows after entering the details.

ssid: MySSID

Note: You need to enter your SSID and Password ahead of the ’ : '. Do not type MySSID and MyPASSWORD as shown in my example.

7.Put the SD card back into your Bolt unit.

8.Power on the Bolt by connecting your power supply.

9.If all steps are done correctly then Blue LED will become stable indicating Bolt is connected to your network (WiFi Router).

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why we need sd card compulsory for bolt?since we may not require it as a necessary component with arduino


Bolt used SD card for storing images and data. The SD card gives it a much higher storage space compared to an Arduino. Without the SD card you won’t be able to store web pages on Bolt.


bolt is always blinking green light and it is not showing any wifi plz help me out…


@singh.vikash330 There could be a firmware issue with Bolt. Please drop a mail to in this regard and we shall replace your unit.


@singh.vikash330 I too had the same Issue, please visit to this link


@utkarsh_mandal thanks its working…


@singh.vikash330 awesome…welcome



can you explain the importance of these following two lines in the bs,txt file?



These 2 options were added to the Bolt settings initially but they have become obsolete now. These shall be removed in the subsequent versions of Bolt.
For your information: default_file option was used to configure which file opens when you just type the IP address of bolt in the browser.
download_file option was used to specify which file to be downloaded. This has been replaced by the/serveFile?filename=bs.txt option which allows you to download any file present on the Bolt SD card.


Ok !! Thank you pranav.kundaikar !!


Through the following steps, my bolt got connected to the wiFi but using IP scanner I’m unable to get the IP address of BOLT.


Try using Fing App on iPhone or Android (


thanx for the help sir…


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