Setting up BOLT wifi module to two or more wifi network and removing save wifi network from bolt wifi module device

I frequently use my wifi network of College when started with course.
For completing rest of course content I accessed my home Wifi network,
Hence it seems that Bolt device Wifi Module have saved password for both Wifi Network,
Now when I am trying to continue rest of my course content to complete
by college Wifi network, Bolt device blue led is stable but green led was not glowing

to solve this following things I tried were:
1)Gone through troubleshoot and done all required step Still it didn’t worked.
So I unlinked device from my google account and then tried re-linking it. Still it didn’t worked
2)I took my friends mobile created a wifi hotspot with same SSID and password of wifi network where last time my device was working with the network.
Good thing about it was Green led was automatically connected to that Wifi and Stable
now Issue was my both led are stable but device is unlinked with my account.

Is there a way we can remove save Wifi network from Bolt wifi module?

Issue: Bolt wifi module device is not link with my account,
When I try to link it by procedure given in How to link topic
there we need state such as Blue led should Blink slowly
But when I power on device Blue Led is Stable even Green LED is table
N what can I see on android app is No Device Configured

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Go to boltcloud website and check the connected device. Just go to details and disconnect the device. Then, you do the connection again.!

My device is connected to the cloud “GREEN SOLID” but did not link to my account on my mobile device. It also does not show up on my web GUI management. So, it appears the BOLT is connected to the cloud but never got attached. How do I reset it?

I believe the cause was because at home I use “smart frequency” where the SSID is both 2.4 and 5ghz. I think this confused either the app or the BOLT.

Hi @wka007,

As I can see your Bolt device BOLT6***71 is linked to your cloud account. Please update your browser (chrome) and check if you are able to see the device.

Do let me know in case you need any further assistance.

The blue light is on and green light is on but it does not show any device on the app and the website.

hii,@harshitharao890 same problem here
how can i solve the problem

connect and disconnect from the app, should work

sir, its not working.i connect the device before but it failed to connect but the green light is ON and i cant see any connection in bolt iot app and whenever i connected the wifi module to the plug the green light gets ON and i cant connect in my mobile

It’s Because earlier you already connected, and now when you switch on it’s automatically connect to your cloud. In app you can check that device is connected.

Go to boltcloud website and check the connected device. Just go to details and disconnect the device. Then, you do the connection again.!