Setting up the device with Wifi

After completely linking my bolt device with the cloud and everything. I switched off my device as instructed to make connections for my first project. After that it was showing some connection error. The blue light was blinking fast, but couldn’t connect with the cloud or something like that.

I even tried to troubleshoot the problem several times, by switching on and all my wifi, the bolt module etc. still it didn’t work.

Saying that it couldn’t connect with the Botl hotspot and is asking for a password to the network. And I don’t know what password, because for the first try, I didn’t had to put any bolt password anywhere.

I can’t put the screenshot here, it’s showing that the difference between the request time and current time is too large. :expressionless::expressionless:

First of all you go to Bolt cloud and check your device info . After that see the connected wifi network name and create a hotspot in your mobile with same name and keep it open. then on both your phone hotspot and bolt device. let me know it work or not.

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What is the new problem that you are facing?