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Sir as you can see I have shared my first project on light monitoring via public sharing to whatsapp but when others are clicking the link that page(in 2nd screenshot) is coming up. It is telling them to upgrade. Help me sir, how can I share my first project with others?

Sir, I am attaching the same link I shared in whatsapp via public sharing so that you can see the problem I am talking about properly.

Hi @arkaprovasharma02,

Can you redo the process? First turn OFF the Share your device publicly switch, then turn it back ON.

Let me know if it still shows the same window.

It is showing the same sir.

I am attaching the link shared after redoing the process.

When you select to share your device publicly, can you send a snap of your screen?

Yes sir.


I am inviting @rahul.singh1 to look into this.

Thank you sir, I am waiting for your reply. It’s my first time when I created a project so I am getting a bit excited.

Hi @arkaprovasharma02,

Can you check if you are able to access the device?

Yes sir, I am able to access the device.

Sir now when my device is on others can check out from the link. So, do I need to keep it on when I have to share with someone??

The Device should be “ON” while other people are trying to view the data/about your project…
Thank You…

Okay sir. Thank you for the help. One more thing, for how much time I can keep the device on?
Is there any limitation?

The device need not be Online, for the public link to be visible. Check if they can still access the link when your Device is Offline.

Yes sir. It’s all right now thank you. Is there any limitation for keeping the device on?

@arkaprovasharma02 There are no limits on keeping the device on.

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Okay thanks for the help.