Should I wash the buzzer?

Maybe this is a stupid question, but here goes: I just got the kit and on the top of the buzzer there is a sticker that says “Remove Seal After Washing”.

My question is why would I ever want to wash an electronic part? I have no idea. Is there some manufacturing step where this makes sense?

You can use the buzzer as it is. It will work just fine. Do not wash the buzzer. You need not remove the sticker, you can let it be. In terms of the manufacturing process, the sticker is just there to ensure that no liquid enters the equipment. Since the buzzer you received has no residues from the manufacturing process, you need not clean it. The message on the sticker is just precautionary.

This question was already answered by bolt experts.U can find it using this link:point_right: am attaching the screenshot of that thread.Thank you