Showing error in Telegram alert Project

I have an error
I don’t know what is the problem.

Double check your file. Something could be wrong. Hopefully this solves your problem.

Even i am facing the same issue but nothing got solved

I checked, but I don’t seem to find any error

Hi, Paranjyothi
Just make sure you have written correct Telegram_chat ID in file. You can just check your Chat_ID by entering ""token API"/getUpdates" in your Telegram Bot.

This is what I got

Run that url in your Telegram APP

@paranjyothi.1998 Check if you have misspelled anything in your conf file. Usually it occurs due to similar looking characters like O/0 or 1/I etc.

Even I faced the same issue and you need to verify certain things in your file and check if they are correct
1.First verify whether your api key and device id from bolt cloud are correct
2. For telegram_chat_id, do not forget to start with “bot”,then check whether u have written your channel id correctly.To see your channel id , open your channel info at the top and see invite link , your channel id is after ‘/’ in the link
3.Match your telegram_bot_id with your bot token.
Hope this helps!

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i think you should given space for if loop