Showing no device added on bolt iot app

i have connected bolt wifi module once but now when i open bolt iot app it’s showing “no devices added” but both led’s are glowing
i forgot to which wifi i have connected before. when i restart the process bolt’s hotspot is not showing
what’s the solution?

Do not panic . Remember one product can have multiple devices but one device can only have one product.So basically you have to link BOLT device with product from link tab as shown.

thank you for your reply.
no device is showing in both bolt iot app and clod dashboard

Have you checked this on BOLT cloud on pc too?


Your device is not added .Please Add the device.

it’s showing no devices added but both led’s are glowing, if i start adding the device it’s not connecting to the bolt’s hotspot

Blue Led mean - You powered the chip
Green LED mean - Connected to Internet.
Use the same wifi network you used when you first connected it to Cloud

Similiar query

i forgot which wifi i had used .
is there any other solution?

Hi @manogna2102 ,
Is the wifi network you connected your bolt to previously still in range? If yes please turn that wifi router off and then you’ll be able to set your bolt up using the app.