Showing no device added on bolt iot app

At first you will have to download the Bolt IoT App in your mobile from play store and login with the same ID that you had used to login to access the course. Now Just click on the “Add Device” button to add the device and must sure that the bolt wifi module has power connected. Then you will have to open the wifi router or if you want to use your mobile hotspot instead then open the hotspot and in the app click to the “Add hotspot” to add the network and then you have to add manually your Hotspot Name and the Password now turn on your mobile data then click on the Verify wifi setup an wait for a little bit then you will be redirected to the home page where you will see the Device ID.

@mus9980tafa Apologies for the delayed response. I guess we have already unlinked it. Please confirm.

Same issue, both Leds are on but device is neither connected to app nor pc.
It is my first time connecting, when i repeated the processes again device is not connected to bolt’s hotspot while both leds are still on.