Showing offline status in both app and bolt site

It was functioning fine for the last 8 months… But when looking now, it is showing offline status .My internet hotspot is working fine and has internet. But my Bolt wifi module is only blinking blue slowly…

you may have changed your wifi password.Try to connect wifi from the bolt IOT app from begin and insert the correct password.

Try clicking on the “add device” button and go through connecting to the hotspot of bolt device.

This is will make sure your bolt device is connected back to the current wifi.

@jishnunair1999 Try doing the set up again from the Bolt mobile app. Mostly, the Bolt is not in range of the WiFi network or you have changed the WiFi name or password.

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I am having the same problem when i performed these steps again it is showing me the bolt app is not responding.


Did you try connecting with any android phone with version 10-11?

Yes sir , now i have tried it with my android phone hotspot it is working fine now! thankyou

Use the Mobile app to setup the Bolt device again. Looks like you have changed your Wifi password

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