Simulation of Bolt WiFi module on Spice?

I want to use the WiFi module for my 3rd semester engineering project and due to the pandemic, we have to present the circuit simulation. Kindly help me with the attributes of the module, so that I can simulate the temperature monitoring system.

If the schematic of the module is uploaded to the library, then kindly help me exact name of the module in library alongwith the software used by you.

Hello @kushagrastudent25020
Every bolt wifi module having specific device id and api key.
It connect on cloud using this id.
So it is difficult to do simulation of bolt wifi module without using hardware.
Hope this information is useful for you :+1:

I have the module, but they want us to simulate , hence asked here, if anyone has used it on SPICE

Hi @kushagrastudent25020,

Simulating a full system is a very difficult thing to do when it comes to IT systems such as micro-controllers and cloud communication hardware.

So what most people do, is that they simulate a small part of the hardware or IT infrastructure to get the results that they need.

To start with the simulation without knowing what data you are trying to collect would be a meaningless task, to simulate everything (In an extreme scenario you might have to simulate the hair on the back of your neck for it’s static interaction with the system).

Please talk to your supervisor, and ask them what results or what condition they want data on. This will give you a better idea as to what part of the temperature monitoring system they want you to simulate.