Sir, can i connect bolt wifi with my mobile hotspot where i installed bolt iot app,is this possible?

sir, can i connect bolt wifi with my mobile hotspot where i installed bolt iot app,is this possible ?


Yes it is possible. Head to Network Connectivity and follow the provided steps.

Let me know if you face any issues.



The mobile in which you have installed the app will be used to connect to the Bolt hotspot. To connect to the bolt hotspot, you need to switch on the wifi on the mobile. After you do this, you will no longer be able to switch on the hotspot on this same mobile because wifi and hotspot cannot be turned on simultaneously on the same device. So, for internet connection, you will need another device (wifi modem or another mobile’s hotspot).

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Yes this is possible
Step 1 = Go on bolt iot app
Step 2 = Click on add device button
Step 3 = then click on Ready after reading all the given steps
now click on wifi setting
by using network name or ssid and password of your mobile
you can easily connect your bolt module wifi with your mobile hotspot

Yes you can connect your bolt wifi module with your phone hotspot.All you need to do this:
1.Install bolt iot app in your phone.
2.Open it and click on add device button.
3.Now do as the instructions say.
4.Now click on wifi settings and enter your phone hotspot name(search in your phone hotspot settings) and put your password(hotspot).
5.By these simple steps you can connect your wifi module with your phone hotspot as well as with other devices also like with your pc at the same time.

no, you can’t access bolt wifi module with bolt iot application in your mobile phone at a same time, becouse for connecting your wifi module with your phone you have to connect your wifi with the wifi module , the same time you have also to use your hotspot for connection to wifi module which is impossible to turn on wifi and hotspot at the same time.

While i would like to suggest you to use another phone for data supply then you can connect your module and application installed phone simultaneously for your work.
If this will help you then please like my answer and if you face any other problem please let me know.