Sir , I am unable get my wifi password used to connect my Bolt13166717 device , I am using Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile, is there any method to connect device without wifi password or procedure to determine wifi password

Sir, as mentioned above I forgot my wifi password created to connect my Bolt 13166717 device now the blue led is glowing but my mobile handset is not able to connect with Bolt13166717, since it not accepting the password I am trying to enter now. Is there any procedure to find wifi password for Samsung Galaxy A50 model. Pls I need help. Thanks.

Hi @savalakanekar95574,

The default Bolt hostpot password is bolt1234 but you will not require this password.
Just install the boltiot app on your phone and follow the setup process to link your Bolt device to your wifi network. Check out this video

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

u can reconnect ur device , by completely tremoving ur device from dashboard and reconnect it using boltiot app

Steps to remove :
steps to reconnect :

Once the app is installed, sign in to the app using your Bolt Cloud account and proceed with following the instructions on the app.