Sir i have brought the kit lasts month only after few days I am unable to connect wifi module

It is connected once in the starting but after that it disconnected then it won’t connected again and the it’s heated up fastly when connected to the usb cable

maybe you are using a power supply of more than 5 v that’s why it is heating up . Check the power supply rating and if it is more than 5 v it will damage your bolt device which is irreparable.

But i have connected to computer through usb cable

It may be a SS port it may burn your device .
Try on different port (USB Port).

try it by 1)conected 5V mobile charging adapter to usb cable.
2) it may be internet network problem
3) uninstall the app and again install the app,and then connect it.:+1:

Now it’s working there is a problem with app only
Thank u everyone


Are you still facing any issue with the app or the device?