Small help for my final project

how can i add hardware components like this in word press

You cannot. That interface is from
You can simply make a list of the components you used and add an image along with it.

Let me know if you need any other information.


is it ok like this … so should i simply upload pictures and name or should i mention links also

It’s not necessary to make the component as hyper link or mention any link at all. But yes, your presentation grabs extra marks

hey one more doubt should we write story of our project before "Things used in this project"
and how many lines can we write maximum

@kondruabhay It is all upon you whether you want to write or not. Writing Story will grab more marks for project. Generally 5 6 lines are fine for story.

ok can i write before “Things used in this project” and can i write minimum of 10-11 lines!!!

@kondruabhay You can write as may lined as you want. You can write it before things used in project.

but here they said 3-4 lines its really ok to excced the limit!!

By story, it is meant the steps you’ve used to build the project. It’s a term from used by @skumawatrenwal11
You have control on the content you want to showcase. No marks will be deducted even if your line exceeds 3 - 4 lines.
It’s important to have a valid story and note down how you built the project. Providing a documented tutorial of your project.

i explain how i built project under Hardware and Software setup what i want to write in story is reason for building this project .
and one more thing since i run my code in command prompt but according to coursr they use virtulization and cloud computation so still can i expain by using command prompt!!

since my codes arevery large i uploaded them in git hub still can i use screen shots to explain my code

Yes you can use whatever platform you want to. No restrictions on any of that.

hey when i click on my project preveiw link its showing pages not found!!!

You can access the page only through the project dashboard. Bolt team will have access to your preview/draft link. You can put that URL during your certification examination.

is it ok i completed my blog but it still showing pending…?


It’ll keep showing pending. Only projects which are extraordinary and are presentable in the project page are approved.

But you will still get good grades if your project has no plagiarism and your presentation was proper.

Hey can I share my blog link to someone I wanna share my blog!!!


You cannot really share the bolt project page link publicly. What I’d suggest you is, Ctrl+A to select all, and Ctrl+C to copy the whole content, and paste it on Hackster Project (Story) page. It should carbon copy the whole project.

Let me know if you need detailed steps on that.

can you tell me in detail how to do it