Smart Box via Boltiot

Whats the possibility and starting point to make a smart box via Bolt. Suppose I have a box and I put some items like rice,water, fruits. The box should send weight data to my server in realtime. Like inventory managemnt

Hi @faiqnaseem,

You can start from here
We are using the ultrasonic sensor to measures the distance to an object (trash level) using ultrasonic sound waves.

Please check the blog and do let me know in case you need further assistance.

My friends took an induction cooktop for themselves. They immediately had to buy new dishes. They used this panel for six months. And then I came to visit and see that there is ordinary glass-ceramic. After lengthy interrogations, I found out that it is still not very convenient to use an induction panel in use. My friend used to get coffee in the Turk in the mornings, and this panel doesn’t consider his Turk to be a full pot and doesn’t want to heat it. Respond who has such portable induction cooktops reviews. What are the “hidden” problems in its operation? Maybe my friend was just unlucky?