Smart bulb project

I used BOLT home automation led circuit ,i changed the led circuit with 4ch 5v dc relay module in which i connected VCC,GND,IN1(INPUT1 for channel no 1 of relay module) with 5v,gnd,0 pin RESPECTIVELY of bolt module .The BUTTON for OFF made led TUBE on while BUTTON for ON made led TUBE off can tell me why this happened ?
ALSO led TUBE was on for 5 min only when i wanted to change it i was not able to do so ,can any1 plz tell m why ?

can you share the connections please
a picture or diagram will be helpful.

Anuj, I think the connection from the input side of the Relay Board to the BOLT IOT module will be correct. But, You need to check your connections at the Output side of Relay and try to change the Polarity of your Positive (Live) Wire, If it is connected to left of the 3 Pin Screw Connecter then connect it to the Right side and place the Input Wire of your TubeLight at the middle.
I think it will surely Work.
While, In case your Tubelight is turning off in 5 minutes then try to troubleshoot your code wheather you have given delay function or not. if yes , remove the code and try to go through this simple line of coding.

singleButton({name:“Tubelight On”, action:“digitalWrite”,
pin:“0”, value:“HIGH”})
singleButton({name:“Tubelight Off”, action:“digitalWrite”,
pin:“0”, value:“LOW”})

Thank you.


Regarding the issue of the Tube getting off after 5 minutes, please check if you have configured any product on the cloud that is reading data on the same pin to which you have connected the Tube.

thanku sir , i soved it

Thanks for the advice in this thread. This is helpful for the people who want to create their own home network for smart bulbs.