Sms alert with Twilio

Dear sir/mam i am making temperature sensor sms alert using Twilio.But i am facing the problem.I have written the code correctly but it is showing identation error…I am uploading a pic of Error…

There is an indentation error in your code.
As the places where there should be curly braces in C/C++/Java, you have not done anything in Python that shows that you are beginning a separate block of code.
All the statements within the while True: loop should be put with a tab or white space to show that they are located within that particular loop/block.
You should refer to the particular lesson in the course and try to type the code as it is.
For e.g.:

Mam Code is running correctly now.But I am not getting an SMS on my phone even temperature is less than 300…

Hi @vermanikhil1025,

Check If DND is activated on your number then you will not be able to receive message on your phone number . Try registering a new number that does not have DND activated.

Check this link

I am still not getting SMS on my phone…

i am not getting sms alert still.

If you are getting this output that means the message is being sent to you. There must be some problem with your cell phone.
Hey, you should add a + symbol in front of both your numbers in the file

Here you are getting an indentation error. it is because of , in line 12 after print you have not provided any space in your code as Boltiot have mentioned in their code.