SMS message not sending for Pro Cloud users

I signed up for the Pro cloud functionality yesterday. It looks really interesting and is not all that much. So I set up my LM35 to trigger on a A0 value of 150 or higher. I would hold the sensor with my hand to drive the temperatures up and then push to cloud and it would never send a message. I changed everything over to an email message and it seems to work fine although it didn’t seem to capture the event in the history when it sent the email to me. My asset for the device appears to be functioning correctly. Not sure what i am missing here. I input the cell phone number in the spot where it asked and hit the checkbox. Are there other steps I need to take? Do I have to do something with Twilio or something? This is for the Pro cloud functionality.

Any thoughts on this? Sorry to bump it up, but very curious.

I guess I just don’t understand how this is supposed to work. I receive an email telling me I’ve exceeded my quota on SMS messaging, but I never received a single sms message. The email worked fine, but not the SMS. I go to look at my alert history and there are no alerts sent. I go to “My Profile” and then go to Statistics and Voila, there appear to have been 20 sms messages sent and 1 email message. I wonder if my iphone is not set up to receive SMS messages? Could that be the reason? I guess also, if I expect there to be a lot of alerts, I need to come up with a different setup, which I don’t expect there to be a lot of them.