Solid and Angular Gauge (custom) with Bolt Data

Few days back a member from this community, @indus19 mentioned in this post, if it was possible to build custom gauge meter. He got an image from Bolt’s Youtube video, where solid gauge was in the image. To which nobody had build anything yet.

Sir @PPV said Bolt Platform doesn’t have that capability, so I decided to built one myself.

I believed it was possible, so I made a webpage using HTML, CSS and JS.

Below find the GIF and screenshot of the page. Once I am done with a custom dashboard for my module, I will share a link so that 10 other users (Cloud Pro users only) can use the dashboard for easy testing of their devices. Where, they only need to put their API, Device ID and then other read/write functions for GPIO as well as UART. (The 10 users will have login access to keep their devices safe)

It will be hosted on my website. Till then, connect with me on LinkedIn.