Sources about API's

Hello sir/mam, it has been a gr8 journey till now.
Can you please share some more sources about learning more on API’s?

Take a look. This will help you. This is a link I am providing.

Apart from these there are some videos you can look for on YOUTUBE. They have surely helped me.

  1. Video called “What is API” by Hitesh Choudhary:
    In this video he talks with some examples which can be helpful

  2. Video called " What is REST API" by Telusco:
    In this video he is talking about REST API in detail. Its very helpful. He too uses example of a weather app.

  3. Video called REST API concepts and examples by WebConcepts.

  4. Video called “What is an API” by Easy Tech Tips:
    Here the concept is explained using various drawings and pictures. It helps better

If you still have doubts I will surely try to help you out with some more sources.

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Thanks a lot aanchalchal :slight_smile: