Status is not displaying

I have connected wifi module but I am not geeting any status in device

You need to use the BOLT app in your phone at first to get the green led to switch on. after that youll get the online status.

Hi @geethaacharya1698,

Can you share the screenshot of the error ?

Hi @geethaacharya1698,
First check the USB cable which you are using is working properly or not by connecting it to your phone and even the power supply . And check for the connection with the wifi and the device , i.e, i have connected to a complete different connection by mistake . So do check all these.

@geethaacharya1698 is your problem solved???

sir!!! I too have the same problem! @rahul.singh1


Can you share the screenshot of cloud dashboard and mobile app view?

What is the status of the LEDs on the device? Were you able to configure it to your email id?