Status of wifi module

the device never shows online even after many attempts …smartphone connection with device needs some sort of wifi password which i dont happen to recall…plz help

try adding the bolt device once again… go int the application go to add device and head to a fresh device setup with fresh wifi you will surely connect to internet

@vaishnavisachan540 The Bolt IoT device requires a stable internet connection in order to be connected to the cloud. The device will be online only when the green LED glows provided the WiFi has internet access. In case you have forgotten the WiFi hot-spot password on your smartphone, there will be an option to change it.

Hi @vaishnavisachan540,

Follow the setup process again to connect your Bolt device to your phone’s hospot/home wifi network. Refer the below setup video

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

After creating account on BOLT App

If you have entered the wrong WiFi credentials (SSID or password) at the time of setup. Please try the setup process once again with the correct WiFi credentials.

Do the following steps:-
1)Go to your bolt Iot app again and press Add Device.
2)Power On your Bolt Iot Device by connecting micro-USB cable to the bolt which supplies minimum of 5v and 0.3 amps.
3)After this the blue led blink slowly.
4)Now by clicking on Ready Button your phone will connect to the Bolt Device.
5)If the Bolt has been detected by the App, blue LED on the Bolt will now blink fast.To proceed, click on ‘CONTINUE’.
6) The password for the WiFi hotspot transmitted by the Bolt WiFi Module is: bolt1234.
7)Select the WiFi network to which Bolt has to be connected. You can click on the WiFi name to choose the WiFi network to connect to.
8)Click on Connect and then click on ‘DONE’ and in the next screen, select your Country and click on ‘SAVE’ to complete the final step of the setup.

After all this,the blue and green LED on the Bolt device will now be glowing steadily.

No need to recognize the password for your wifi hot-spot because once you complete all the above steps then from the next time when you connect your bolt to power supply and turn on the internet connection (by enabling hotspot of your wifi/Network of the device which you have set during Network connection ) then by this both the blue and green led on and you are ready to do your project.In case you have forgotten the wiFi hot-spot password on your smartphone, there will be an option to change it.


sir, my bolt device was connected , and the status was online until i pressed disconnect on the bolt cloud,device information, so now how do i connect again?. if i try to press device, it is not getting connected?

make sure that there is stable internet connection in order to be connected to the cloud. The device will be online if the LED glows provided the WiFi has internet access.

firstly you should download the bolt not app, then add then add the device, moreover you could refer to the lesson that are been taught to you in the course for best in class solution, Iam just providing the brief so when you open the app then you could see the bolt module name in wifi section on the phone and your phone must be connected to the wifi so then when this process will be done your device wifi light will be stable and when you complete the setup of the module as directed in the app then the cloud light will also become stable.

Hey as u mentioned the wi-fi module was not able to connect to the internet:
i encountered similar error, for me following were the problems:

  1. Firstly my phone was on cellular data mode, which needs to be disabled since wi-fi module first sends signals(acting as hotspot, phone being on cellular mode creates problem)
  2. after connecting my phone to wi-fi router which we have for internet service at our home, also make sure you are not using 5G service of the router, since our Iot Wi-fi module is supporting in between 2.5G to 3G~4G(as it was showing on the page while i was struggling for connection)
  3. once you have disabled the phone data and connected to a wi-fi router, try the steps of configuring device which are power on -> open the app -> app page will guide you